I have run BBS message groups with e-mail gateway addresses, old dial-up service company addresses like Prodigy, worked for Internet Service Providers, e-mail providers, OSS software projects, and other Internet-based groups and have ended up with many, many e-mail addresses over the years.

Every time someone would contact technical support having trouble with their mail provider, I would have to sign up to test it, I had hundreds of role addresses: admin, hostmaster, postmaster, root for a number of domains, etc. At some point I will list many of the ones that are no longer active so you know to remove those from address books, or domain contact info, but for now, a short list of some of them is below, with a few current e-mail addresses that I still use today below that.

Everything below uses "at" instead of @ and "dot" instead of . to make it slightly (barely) more difficult for web page e-mail address harvesters that gather lists for Spammers.

Used to be me, not any more

If you receive an e-mail from any of these, recently, it's not me.

  • jasoneng2 at earthlink dot net
  • jason at interl dot net
  • jasoneng at interl dot net
  • (hostmaster|jason|root) at (fcns dot net|fiber-city dot com|fibercitynetworks dot net)
  • (hostmaster|jason|ringmaster|root) at linuxwebring dot org


I still have lots of e-mail addresses, but try to use one of these

  • jason at englanders dot us
  • jasoneng at fastmail dot us
  • jasoneng3 at gmail dot com
  • jason at jmecs dot net
  • jasoneng at yahoo dot com

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