Jason Englander

527 Bloomfield Ave, Apt B7
Caldwell, NJ 07006-5528
(e-mail preferred)



I would like to work with servers (Linux preferred) and optionally networking equipment. I not only can, but enjoy working on several projects at once. I have worked independently and with a team, and enjoy learning as I go. I currently work as a consultant, primarily from home (ssh), but am open to the right full-time position.




 Linux/Networking Consultant
 05/2002 - present

 Linux and networking consultant to ISPs/ASPs and local companies

  • Teach or act-as Systems/Network Administrator

  • Conceive and implement new services with instruction (see http://englanders.cc/~jason/howtos.php) for future maintenance

  • Configuration of new servers (anti-spam, anti-virus, web (LAMP), firewall, ...)

  • Server maintenance

  • Configuration of Linux and Windows workstations

  • Monthly, hourly, and per-project consulting depending on the client's needs



 Linux Systems Administrator
 12/2000 - 05/2002
 FiberCity Networks (Ethernet over fiber ISP)
 Newark, NJ

  • Replaced existing (pre-me) outdated, insecure (one had been cracked) Red Hat Linux, Debian Linux, and Sun Solaris servers with current, stripped down Slackware Linux servers

  • Fixed DNS and company domains, implemented automatic updates of DNS changes by network engineers

  • Replaced painfully slow employee uw-imap server with Cyrus IMAP (IMAP/POP3/Sieve)

  • Implemented LDAP using OpenLDAP to act as an employee address book and to handle central authentication of console, telnet, and ssh accounts for servers, routers, and switches, FTP accounts, SMTP authentication, and password protected web sites. Wrote CGI scripts in Perl for account management.

  • Set up mail server virus and Spam scanning with several sendmail servers, at first using Amavis, then using MIMEDefang with SpamAssassin

  • Set up a web-based searchable mail archive for a customer using a customized version of MHonArc and the ht://Dig search engine

  • Replaced use of overburdened (, commercial, expensive) Checkpoint firewall with Linux netfilter/iptables firewall

  • Set up INN (NNTP) Usenet news server with satellite feed

  • In addition to installation/configuration/maintenance of many of the services listed under InterLink L.C. below, I also set up the following software (and quite a bit more) for various projects (in no particular order):
    tac_plus (tacacs), customized MRTG + rrdtool (network traffic graphs), proftpd, Padl's nss_ldap and pam_ldap, rsync, OpenSSH, LIDS, VLAN, Request Tracker (trouble ticket system), IMP (webmail), bind 9 with TSIG, views, and dynamic DNS (DNS), rwhois, ...

  • Maintenance (mainly rebooting) of a Windows NT video broadcasting server

  • Shared 24/7 rotating network, customer support with network engineers



 Systems and Network Operations Manager
 12/1996 - 11/2000, consultant for a few years afterward
 InterLink L.C. (dial-up, 56k/T1, wireless ISP)
 Keokuk, IA

  • For my first year or two, titled “Systems Analyst”, I (by myself) provided technical support for all customers, supporting DOS through the latest version of Windows. Light network equipment maintenance, reviewing logs, resetting modems, etc. Then became Systems Administrator.

  • Installation, configuration, and maintenance of Linux servers and the network, including remote POPs in other towns.

  • Experience with server software included, but was not limited to:
    Apache (http[s]) + modules (Frontpage, mod_ssl, mod_perl, etc.), qpopper (pop3), uw imap, sendmail (SMTP), amavis-perl (mail server virus scanner), ISC DHCP, ISC BIND 4, 8, and 9 over time (DNS), ssh (the pre-OpenSSH one), WU and Bero ftpd, Squid (proxy/cache), portsentry, logcheck, Cistron Radius (authentication and accounting), portslave (dialup), majordomo (mailing lists), Samba (Windows <-> Linux file and printer sharing), MySQL (SQL db server), customized version of MRTG (graphs)

  • Upgraded BNC (coax) Ethernet to FastEthernet

  • New Penguin Computing servers with hardware RAID

  • Daily use and creation of shell (primarily Bash) and Perl scripts (CGI and command line)

  • Modifying 3rd party C, Python, TCL/Tk, etc. as necessary, within my limited knowledge of those

  • Installation, configuration, and maintenance where required for customer Linux servers. Some remote, some co-located.
    Commonly installed with Squid, qpopper, sendmail, Apache, IP masquerading (NAT) + an ipchains firewall.

  • Installation and configuration of Mac-based (not my choice) billing software, integration with 5 remote Radius servers.

  • Created a web based system for employees including customer usage logs, "webmail" (I wrote a pop3-based one in Perl), Big Brother (system and network monitor), and wrote various tools for technical support personnel

  • Installation, configuration, and maintenance of 3com Total Control and Livingston/Lucent Portmaster 2e-30 and 3-2t dialup servers (POTS and channelized T1).

  • Design and implementation of LANs and WANs. Experience with Asante, Linksys, and 3com SuperStack switches and hubs, Packeteer Packetshaper and Packet Cop traffic shaping hardware, Cisco 1600/2600/3600/7200 series routers, Livingston/Lucent Portmaster IRX and Office routers, static, RIP, EIGRP, and BGP routing, Lucent/ORiNOCO and Nokia wireless networking radios, Adtran CSU/DSUs, 56k and T1 frame relay, point to point T1, load sharing multiple T1s, and LADS (dry copper) circuits.

  • Interviewing and hiring - along with the President, training, and management over technical staff

  • 24/7 system/network support

  • Customer on-site setups. We set up a town 4 hours away to be a dial-up and wireless ISP for it's residents.

  • One or two of the seven days per week that I worked was at the office, everything else was done remotely from home or in the field



 03/1996 - 03/1997
 Self Employed
 Burlington, IA

  • Computer consultant to home and business users.
    Primarily consisted of building, cleaning-up, configuring, updating home and business computers.

  • Guest speaker at Internet classes at local college until InterLink L.C. (above) required more time of me



< Prior employment history available on request >


Misc Notes


  • I've been using Linux since 1994 or 1995

  • I read two (paper) magazines, approximately 40 mailing lists, and several web sites to keep current

  • Some software used at home, not mentioned above:

  • Long ago, I ran a DOS-based BBS with a 1200bps modem




< Former employers, clients, and/or personal references are available upon request >