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Last updated: Sat, Jul 24, 1999

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Linux Software Archives

The following sites have large collections of software that runs under Linux available for download.

...and if you just want the newest kernel:

Linux Distributions

Linux distributions are collections of software and utilities bundled with the core Linux system (the kernel).

Sites about distributions:

Software Homepages

Categorized links to the homepages of software that runs under Linux. Descriptions in double quotes (") were provided by the submitter (not me) or were taken right from the linked web site.

This list is limited to software that I have tried myself or to links that were submitted by NLL visitors. For lists of much more software that you can get for Linux, see the other lists section below.

Linux Software Lists

These are sites that list software by category that runs under Linux. These link to the software's homepage or a file archive. For NLL's list of software homepages, and for off-site homepage lists of a single type of software, see the homepages section above.

Tips & Tricks

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