fileutils - GNU file management utilities HOWTO


Nov 2, 2005	- Fixed broken links to other howtos
Jul 28, 2005	- Moved source directory (see note <a href="howtos.php?msd">here</a>)
		- Changed options to shut up new version of find
		- Only run chown -R root:root . on the source directory
		  when $UID = 0 (when you're logged in as root)
		- Use 'ln -sf' in case the target already exists
		- Instead of removing ~/installed/fileutils-*.tar.gz, remove
		  fileutils-*.tar.* (in case you have an old one that's .bz2)
Apr 5, 2005	- Removed make, gcc, binutils links
		- root.root -> root:root
		- ->
		- Changed md5sum verification to output OK (or not)
Mar 9, 2004	- Replaced "sh-utils" at the end of the note about coreutils
		  with "fileutils" (a cut and pasting mistake?)
		- Added links to the sh-utils and textutils howtos
		- Added prerequisites
		- Updated the md5sum -> textutils link to point to the
		  coreutils howto instead
		- Added a note about 4.1.11
Sep 9, 2003	- Removed fileutils 4.1.11 (the beta version), it's no
		  longer available from as of when coreutils
		  was released
		- Create ~/installed with mode 700
		- Replaced the blurb that downloaded the (now non-existant)
		  sha1sums with a (verified) md5sum
		- Replaced note about adding a line to /etc/profile with
		  creation of a /etc/profile.d/ 
Jul 23, 2003	- Several misc cleanups
Feb 19, 2003	- Added --disable-nls to configure
		- Separated gpg verification of sha1sums, set to a URL that
		  actually exists
		- Updated removal of old versions
		- Added fileutils 4.1.11 (beta) to the top
Oct 25, 2002	- Added sha1sum (like md5sum but better) verification
		  of tarball
		- Added home page link, description, etc.
		- Added removal of previous version

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