libnet - API for network packet management HOWTO


2019-01-26	- Added a 3rd libnet, taken over by someone else, bugs
		  fixed, added to SourceForge first, then to a GitHub
2010-01-24	- seems to be down again, so
		  I changed the home page link to point to
		  the mirror
		- Changed link to my site from .cc to .us
		- Added uninstall part at the bottom
2007-09-15	- Removed make, gcc, binutils, and fileutils/coreutils
		  links (now at the top) for 1.0.2a
		- root.root -> root:root, run when $UID = 0
		- Moved source directory (see note <a href="howtos.php?msd">here</a>)
		- Rearranged options to shut up recent versions of find
		- Run 'make install' with su
		- Removed gawk, grep links for
		- Wrapped several lines that would be too long in lynx
Oct 14, 2004	- 1.1.1 ->
		- Added a link to the other libnet
		- Added " or coreutils" to the fileutils prerequisite
		- Use 'install' instead of 'cp' to install libnet-config
Jan 16, 2004	- Create ~/installed with mode 700
		- 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1
		- Added a patch against 1.0.2a that'll fix a compilation
		  error for newer gcc versions
		- Added instructions for removing each version so you can
		  up or downgrade to the other one
		- In 1.1.1, manually copy libnet-config to /usr/bin, make
		  install doesn't seem to do it any more (like it does in
Jul 25, 2003	- Modernized the howto
Dec 5, 2002	- Added 1.1.0 to the bottom
		- Updated 1.0.2a download URL (it's in deprecated/ now)
		- Added removal of old versions
		- Added note about arping
Jul 31, 2002	- First entry

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