sendmail-beta - Mail transport agent. The most widely used, and the best IMHO. HOWTO


Dec 21, 2004	- Changed db4 howto link to bdb howto link
Jan 19, 2004	- Added note that 8.12.11 is out
Dec 31, 2003	- A few finishing touches, remembered to upload it this time
Dec 22, 2003	- Updated for sendmail 8.12.11.Beta0
Sep 18, 2003	- Cleared out the howto, put a link to the sendmail howto
		  in it's place.  The full sendmail 8.12.10 is out.
Jul 1, 2003	- Created this howto to cover beta versions of sendmail.
		  I don't feel like temporarily mutilating the regular
		  sendmail howto, so I'll just keep this one around until
		  a new full release comes out.

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