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Nov 2, 2005	- Fixed broken links to other howtos
Jul 28, 2005	- Moved source directory (see note <a href="?msd">here</a>)
		- Rearranged options to shut up new version of find
		- Run chown -R root:root on the source directory when
		  $UID = 0 (when you're logged in as root)
Apr 5, 2005	- Removed make, gcc, binutils, fileutils links
		- root.root -> root:root
		- ->
		- Changed md5sum verification to output OK (or not)
Mar 9, 2004	- Added links to the fileutils and textutils howtos
		- Changed the tex prereq to texinfo, makeinfo comes from
		  texinfo, not tex
		- Updated the md5sum -> textutils link to point to the
		  coreutils howto instead
		- Added a note about 2.0.15
Oct 2, 2003	- Changed link to tetex from a howto URL that isn't there
		  (I started the howto and still haven't finished it) to
		  the tetex web site
Sep 22, 2003	- Removed verification against the now non-existant sha1sums
		  file from (which got cracked), put a verified
		  md5sum in it's place
		- Fixed /bin/sh typo to /bin/su (the warning about removing
		  sh-utils' /usr/bin/su, leaving shadow's /bin/su)
		- Create ~/installed with mode 700
		- Added obvious prerequisites
		- Re-did everything related to removing old versions or
		  files to make sure old source installations and old
		  Slack installations don't leave anything behind, plus now
		  it should be a 100% replacement for the Slack package
		- Instead of just rm'ing the package file in
		  /var/log/packages, move it to /var/log/removed_packages/,
		  also move the script from /var/log/scripts to
		- Added note to the bottom about differences between where
		  Slack puts things and where the source does and about the
		  two utils that Slack leaves out because they're available in
		  other packages
		- Instead of running 'strip src/*' and then 'make install'
		  later, now we just run 'make install-strip'
Jul 23, 2003	- Misc cleanups
Jan 2, 2003	- First entry

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