toolame - Optimized mpeg-1/2 layer II audio encoder HOWTO


Dec 14, 2005	- Changed home page URL to
		- Removed make, gcc, binutils, and fileutils/coreutils links
		- Moved source directory (see note <a href="howtos.php?msd">here</a>)
		- Rearranged options to shut up new version of find
		- root.root -> root:root, run when $UID = 0
		- Added 02m-beta8 to the bottom with a note about the two
		- Added uninstall instructions to the bottom
Oct 29, 2004	- Changed home page from the non-resolving to
		  (which is the link on freshmeat)
		- Added the -s commandline option for install (strip)
Mar 4, 2004	- First entry

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