xanim - Audio and video player for X HOWTO


Dec 13, 2005	- Changed the home page URL from:
		- Moved source directory (see note (<a href="howtos.php?msd">here</a>)
		- Rearranged options to shut up new version of find
		- root.root -> root:root, run when $UID = 0
		- Added uninstall instructions at the bottom
		- Fixed up codecs installation
		- Updated a few notes
Nov 12, 2004	- Fixed download URL, I had the web page the link is on
		  there instead of the link itself
		- Updated the codec part to re-use existing tarballs if
		  you already have them in ~/installed/xanim/
		- Remove codec files remaining in ~/installed/xanim/ after
		  moving the current ones into ~/
		- When done, only move the ones we used into
		  ~/installed/xanim/, not all vid_*_linuxELFx86g21.tgz files
		  (so you're not stuck with old versions in your home dir)
Aug 6, 2003	- First entry

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