pcloudcc - Linux console client for pCloud cloud storage ChangeLog


# pCloud Console Client
# =====================
# Prerequisites:
# Git
# Zlib
# Boost
# pthread (part of Slackware's glibc package)
# Fuse 2.x
# CMake
# lsb-release

# Start from ~/src
mkdir -p -m 0700 ~/src
cd ~/src

# If it's there already, clean it up and update it
test -d ./pcloudcc &&
( cd pcloudcc
   test -f Makefile && make distclean
   git fetch )

# If it's not there already, get it via 'git clone'
test ! -d ./pcloudcc &&
git clone https://github.com/pcloudcom/console-client.git ./pcloudcc/

cd pcloudcc
test $UID = 0 && chown -R root:root .

# Build this part
cd pCloudCC/lib/pclsync
make clean
make fs

# And now build this part
cd ../mbedtls
cmake .
make clean

# Configure the build of pcloudcc
cd ../..
cmake .

# If you're 64-bit, change lib to lib64
cat cmake_install.cmake |
> cmake_install.cmake.new
test -s cmake_install.cmake.new &&
( mv -f cmake_install.cmake cmake_install.cmake.old
   mv -f cmake_install.cmake.new cmake_install.cmake )

# Build it

# Become root

# Install it
make install

# Become your non-root user again

# Run it in the foreground, -s will save your password in a database
pcloudcc -u username -p -s

# Run it as a daemon in the background, having previously run it with -s
# (-m defaults to /home/username/pCloudDrive)
pcloudcc -u username -d

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