progsreiserfs - A library (libreiserfs) for reiserfs filesystem access and manipulation ChangeLog


# progsreiserfs
# =====================
# progsreiserfs is a library (libreiserfs) and the cpfs.reiserfs,
# fsck.reiserfs, mkfs.reiserfs, resizefs.reiserfs, and tunefs.reiserfs
# tools.  The library is what, for example, parted uses for reiserfs
# support (though now, I think it includes it's own copy).  Version
# was released January 10, 2003.
# reiserfsprogs is a set of utilities
# including debugreiserfs, mkreiserfs, reiserfsck, reiserfstune, and
# reiserfstune.

# If you ever want to uninstall progsreiserfs, or remove files from an old
# version before installing a new one, skip down to the bottom for
# instructions.

# Prerequisites:
# gawk
# libiconv
# gettext
# bison

# I specify --disable-nls below because I'm in the US and only read/write
# (well) English.  If this is not the case for you, you'll probably want to
# leave that off.

test -f installed/progsreiserfs- &&
mv installed/progsreiserfs- .
test ! -f progsreiserfs- &&
mkdir -p -m 0700 src
cd src
find -maxdepth 1 -type d -name "progsreiserfs-*" -exec rm -r {} \;
tar xzvf ~/progsreiserfs-
cd progsreiserfs-
test $UID = 0 && chown -R root:root .
./configure --disable-nls
su -c "make install ; ldconfig"
mkdir -p -m 0700 installed
rm -f installed/progsreiserfs-*.tar.*
mv progsreiserfs- installed/

# If you ever want to uninstall progsreiserfs, this should do it:
test -d src/progsreiserfs-* && ( cd src/progsreiserfs-* ; make uninstall )
test -d /usr/local/include/dal && rm -r /usr/local/include/dal
test -d /usr/local/include/reiserfs && rm -r /usr/local/include/reiserfs
( cd /usr/local/lib ; rm -f libdal.* libreiserfs.* )
( cd /usr/local/man/man8 ; rm -f cpfs.reiserfs.8 mkfs.reiserfs.8 \
reiserfs.8 resizefs.reiserfs.8 tunefs.reiserfs.8 )
( cd /usr/local/sbin ; rm -f cpfs.reiserfs fsck.reiserfs mkfs.reiserfs \
resizefs.reiserfs tunefs.reiserfs )
rm -f /usr/local/share/aclocal/progsreiserfs.m4
find ~/src -maxdepth 1 -type d -name "progsreiserfs-*" -exec rm -r {} \;
rm -f ~/installed/progsreiserfs-*.tar.*

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