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# RAL-CGM 3.50
# ============
# The two links provided on the home page don't work for me.  The first one
# times out every time, the 2nd one doesn't have a directory with the
# specified name.  So, I get it from ImageMagick's delegates directory on
# ftp.imagemagick.org

# Do all of this in your home directory

# Download the tarball that has an rpm in it
wget -nc ftp://ftp.imagemagick.org/pub/ImageMagick/delegates/ralcgm.tar.gz

# Extract the rpm out of it, remove the tarball
tar xzvf ralcgm.tar.gz && rm ralcgm.tar.gz

# Convert the rpm inside the tarball to a tgz file (gzipped tar)
# Requires rpm and Slackware's rpm2targz utility
# (or you can do it with alien)
rpm2tgz ralcgm-3.50-2.i386.rpm
mv ralcgm-3.50-2.i386.tgz ralcgm-3.50-i386-2.tgz

# Become root to install it

# If you use Slackware:
installpkg ralcgm-3.50-i386-2.tgz
# and if not:
tar xzv -C / -f ralcgm-3.50-i386-2.tgz

# Become yourself again

# Zap the rpm if you don't need it
rm ralcgm-3.50-2.i386.rpm

# Zap the converted tgz if you don't need it either
rm ralcgm-3.50-i386-2.tgz

mkdir -p -m 0700 installed
rm -f installed/ralcgm-*.tar.*
mv ralcgm.tar.gz installed/

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