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Sonya Gregory
Lavaca, Ar Us
Hey sup!  I would like for some fine and sexy guy to email me.  Hope to here from you.

  cya swishbug
Signed on: Tue Oct 7 10:33:05 CDT 1997

Heather Ratterree
Lavaca, TX usa
Hey,  I was just looking for a e-mail pinpal.  I hope to  
hear from someone real soon.  I have a boyfriend so
don't try anything!!
                                Your Friend, 
Signed on: Tue Oct 7 10:36:39 CDT 1997

ia USA
just checking out some home pages, jason. Nice job!
Signed on: Thu Jan 1 21:17:51 CST 1998

Kat luper
Kenly NC
cool page keep it up!!!  l love your work. bye
Signed on: Sat Jan 3 00:00:32 CST 1998

Michigan U.S.
Hi Jason just looking for a pen pal to talk to i'd like to hear from you.

oking for a pen pal to e mail
Signed on: Thu Jan 8 12:16:47 CST 1998

Rich Bobrowicz
Waste Orange, NJ USA
Hmmmm.... Who is this NecroJason guy anyway?!?  And
what is he doing on the Internet?!?!

Long live HSA! :)
Signed on: Wed Jan 14 12:15:49 CST 1998

Columbus, OH USA
Hey, I went to CCM too  =)  But how did you end up in Iowa??  
Signed on: Sun Feb 8 00:07:49 CST 1998

Rob Englander
Adelaide-South Australia Australia
G'day mate!!..from down under..are you related or wha??
just browsing.. and stumbled in..
Signed on: Tue Mar 10 09:05:15 CST 1998

Kim Albers
Fort Madison Iowa USA
Just surfed on in. cool homepage Jason.  Currently have no homepage available. A friend of mine is working on my homepage for me. will soon have one though
Signed on: Mon Apr 13 20:02:30 CDT 1998

Frenchtown, NJ USA
Jen's page
Well I like your page; the closest to you I might have ever lived is Greenbrook, NJ.  My dad used to live in Livingston a long time ago.  If you ever want to check out my page, feel free to let me know what you think of life in NJ as it is right now!! -Jen-
Signed on: Fri Apr 24 22:41:32 CDT 1998

Keokuk IA
InterLink L.C.
Signed on: Mon Mar 22 16:54:26 CST 1999

Jason Holmes
Ottawa/Ontario Canada
Jason's Home Page
Really nice site.I have no idea how i got here.Hope to talk to you soon over ICQ.
Signed on: Fri Apr 9 09:52:58 CDT 1999

Mount Clemens, Michigan U.S
MoonMist's Adoptee's And Birthparent's Of Michigan
Hiya Jason Nice page you have here.  I to am searching.  But I for my sister that was given up for adoption.  Stop by and check out my homepage.  Have a wonderful day.    God Bless!!!!
Signed on: Mon Jun 14 12:38:31 CDT 1999

arnhem netherlands
Signed on: Tue Sep 7 15:59:44 CDT 1999

Anna Smith
United Arab Emirates
Hi there:
Iam looking for a pinpal who interested in video games espechially play station's games...and if you want we will talk about anything you like..OK
Iam female, iam 19 years old..
I'm waiting.....
Signed on: Sun Oct 24 03:07:38 CDT 1999

Aimee Miller
Hi bro!  I'm new at this computer stuff and I'm only on it when we're down here in Montrose.
Signed on: Sat Oct 30 00:35:54 CDT 1999

Namtar Bobrowicz
Suffern, NY USA
Necrodude. It's been a while.
Signed on: Tue Dec 14 11:29:08 CST 1999

Jason Englander
West Orange, NJ USA
Jason's Home Page
Does this thing still work?  ;-)
Signed on: Sun Mar 25 21:17:44 EST 2001