HOWTO Last Modified (-0400)Description
lmdb2024-04-09 00:30Lightning Memory-Mapped Database
gnutls2024-04-09 00:19Library that implements Transport Layer Security (and SSL)
cmocka2024-04-09 00:13Unit testing framework for C
ngtcp22024-04-05 15:37Implementation of the RFC9000 QUIC protocol
nghttp32024-04-05 15:33HTTP/3 C library
curl2024-04-05 14:23Commandline tool for transferring files with URL syntax
apache22024-04-04 23:22The 2.x version of the Apache HTTP server
expat2024-04-04 23:16XML parser
nghttp22024-04-04 22:59HTTP/2 C library
libxml2024-04-04 16:01XML C library for Gnome (though used by more than just Gnome)
xz2024-04-03 14:58Compression utility for .lzma and .xz formats
openssh2024-03-17 20:45Free version of the SSH protocol suite
mpfr2024-03-08 15:01C library for multiple-precision floating-point computations
bdwgc2024-03-01 13:18A garbage collector for C and C++
mpc2024-03-01 00:35C library for the arithmetic of complex numbers
gmp2024-02-29 23:53_G_NU _M_ultiple _P_recision Arithmetic Library
coreutils2024-02-29 17:09Replacement for GNU fileutils, sh-utils, and textutils
php-8.22024-02-26 20:45Hypertext preprocessor
php2024-02-26 20:40Hypertext preprocessor
php-8.32024-02-26 20:27Hypertext preprocessor
sed2024-02-26 20:03GNU stream editor
gawk2024-02-16 21:46GNU Awk (gawk) - pattern scanning and processing language
bind92024-02-11 16:23Domain Name System server, resolver library, and related tools
libuv2024-02-11 16:10Multi-platform library for asynchronous I/O
grep2024-02-11 15:29Print lines matching a pattern
pcre22024-02-09 16:53Library for Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
zlib2024-02-09 14:09Compression library
isl2024-02-02 01:08Integer Set Library
binutils2024-02-01 23:33Various GNU compilers, assemblers, linkers, debuggers, etc.
openssl2024-01-31 23:22The Open Source toolkit for SSL/TLS
php-8.12024-01-18 15:38Hypertext preprocessor
php-8.02024-01-18 15:36Hypertext preprocessor
php-7.42024-01-18 15:35Hypertext preprocessor
php-7.02024-01-18 15:24Hypertext preprocessor
php-7.32024-01-18 15:20Hypertext preprocessor
php-7.22024-01-18 15:16Hypertext preprocessor
gd2024-01-07 14:54C library for the dynamic creation of images
graphviz2024-01-02 01:00Graph visualization software
libheif2024-01-02 00:50HEIF and AVIF file format decoder and encoder
libde2652024-01-02 00:39Open h.265 video codec implementation
libpng2024-01-02 00:28Portable Network Graphics reference library
libavif2023-12-27 13:20C implementation of the AV1 Image File format
kvazaar2023-12-27 01:58BSD licensed HEVC encoder
dav1d2023-12-27 01:34AV1 cross-platform decoder
poppler2023-12-27 00:03PDF rendering library and utilities
boost2023-12-26 23:04c++ libraries, see the site for more info
lcms2023-12-26 20:45LittleCms: small-footprint, speed optimized color management engine
libtiff2023-12-23 21:23Library and utilities for the Tag Image File Format
libdeflate2023-12-23 21:07Optimized library for deflate/zlib/gzip (de)compression
lerc2023-12-23 20:04Limited Error Raster Compression
jbigkit2023-12-23 19:32Library of (de)compression functions for image or document processing
gpgme2023-12-23 16:40Library that provides an API for GnuPG
automake2023-12-22 20:25Makefile generator
autoconf2023-12-22 18:04Generate configuration scripts
libtool2023-12-22 17:25A generic library support script
nss2023-12-22 16:34Mozilla Network Security Services
pkg-config2023-12-21 16:33Helper tool used when compiling applications and libraries
nspr2023-12-19 20:10Netscape Portable Runtime - an API used by Mozilla (and others)
gyp-next2023-12-19 14:35A fork of the GYP build system for Node.js projects
raqm2023-12-15 17:27A library for complex text layout
doxygen2023-12-15 16:15Documentation system
nasm2023-12-14 23:06The Netwide Assembler
libiodbc2023-12-14 20:50Independent Open DataBase Connectivity
libwebp2023-12-13 22:10WebP image format utilities and library
cmake2023-12-13 21:22Cross-platform Make
enchant2023-12-08 15:12A library that wraps other spelling libraries and programs
mod_perl2023-12-07 23:43Perl module for the Apache HTTP server
uw-imap2023-10-26 22:43University of Washington IMAP toolkit
icu4c2023-10-18 18:28International Components for Unicode for C/C++
onigurama2023-10-17 18:19Regex library that supports a variety of character encodings
freetype2023-10-17 17:59A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine
harfbuzz2023-10-17 16:02Text shaping library
lzop2023-10-17 15:35Simlar to gzip, uses the lzo library for compression
pixman2023-10-17 15:15Library for low-level pixel manipulation
cairo2023-10-17 15:132D graphics library
lzo2023-10-17 12:39A portable lossless data compression C library
ninja2023-10-17 11:04Build system
fontconfig2023-10-17 00:11Library for font customization and configuration
json-c2023-10-16 23:30A JavaScript Object Notation implementation in C
bzip22023-10-16 22:45A block-sorting file compressor
openjpeg2023-10-16 19:37Open-source JPEG 2000 codec written in C
libjpeg-turbo2023-10-16 18:53JPEG image codec that uses SIMD instructions to accelerate
sqlite2023-10-16 13:04Self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration SQL database engine library
ipcalc2023-10-11 11:51Broadcast, network, wildcard mask, host range of an IP address
subnetcalc2023-10-11 11:50IPv4/IPv6 subnet calciulator
whatmask2023-10-11 11:16Given a netmask and/or IP, outputs information about the network
fail2ban2023-10-04 14:56Scans logs, bans failed password IPs using iptables rules
mailman2023-10-04 00:44Mailing list management software
samba2023-10-03 23:22File and printer sharing for SMB/CIFS clients (Linux, Windblows, ...)
libarchive2023-10-03 22:34Multi-format archive and compression library
wget22023-10-03 18:38Non-interactive FTP, FTPS, HTTP, and HTTPS downloader
zstd2023-10-03 18:33Fast compression algorithm
guile2023-10-03 17:15Programming language, designed for flexible, extendable applications
libiconv2023-10-03 12:41Library that handles character set encoding conversion
libunistring2023-10-03 11:51Library with unicode string manipulation functions
trousers2023-10-03 00:16Open-source Trusted Computing Group Software Stack
libidn22023-10-02 23:28Implementation of the IDNA2008 + TR46 specifications
unbound2023-10-02 23:08A validating, recursive, and caching DNS resolver
help2man2023-10-02 21:06Creates a man page from --help and --version output of a program
po4a2023-10-02 20:59Eases documentation translations and their maintenance
p11-kit2023-10-02 18:36Provides a way to load and enumerate PKCS#11 modules
libtasn12023-10-02 18:31Tiny ASN.1 library
libffi2023-10-02 18:05A portable foreign function interface library
s-nail2023-10-01 17:50Basic commandline MUA (mail user agent), mail/Mail/nail/mailx
mailx2023-10-01 17:14Basic commandline MUA (mail user agent)
nail2023-10-01 17:06Replacement for BSD mailx
alpine2023-09-30 02:31Mail user agent; Apache-licensed successor to Pine
python2023-09-30 00:01An interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
lftp2023-09-29 22:11File Transfer Protocol client
ntp2023-09-27 00:29Network Time Protocol server
fetchmail2023-09-26 23:28pop2, pop3, rpop, apop, kpop, imap, etrn mail retriever
syslog-ng2023-09-25 22:40Replacement for syslog
bison2023-09-25 21:16Parser generator (yacc replacement)
libzip2023-09-25 18:40C library for reading, creating, modifying zip archives
sendmail2023-09-25 00:53MTA (Mail Transport Agent)
cyrus-sasl2023-09-23 22:01Cyrus SASL (Simple Authentication Security Layer)
openldap2023-09-23 19:19LDAP server, library, and tools
gsasl2023-09-23 18:49GNU Simple Authentication and Security Layer framework
brotli2023-09-23 17:57Generic-purpose lossless compression algorithm
libssh22023-09-23 17:47Library that implements the ssh2 protocol
apr-util2023-09-23 17:15Companion library to APR
apr2023-09-23 17:05Apache Portable Runtime
libevent2023-09-23 16:29Event notification library
ldns2023-09-23 16:09DNS library and tools
mariadb-10.32023-09-20 21:21SQL database server from the original developers of MySQL
mariadb-10.22023-09-20 21:17SQL database server from the original developers of MySQL
mariadb-10.12023-09-20 21:16SQL database server from the original developers of MySQL
jemalloc2023-09-20 21:12General purpose malloc(3) implementation
cyrus-imap2023-09-16 01:05IMAP/POP3/Sieve server created at Carnegie Mellon University
cyrus-imap-3.42023-09-15 23:10IMAP/POP3/Sieve server created at Carnegie Mellon University
xapian2023-09-15 00:24Open source search engine library with bindings
cld22023-09-14 10:31Detects over 80 languages in Unicode UTF-8 text
omega2023-09-14 01:23Web site search engine from Xapian developers
xapian-bindings2023-09-14 01:14Bindings for the Xapian search engine library
xapian-core2023-09-14 00:53Open source search engine library
cyrus-imap-3.22023-09-12 22:15IMAP/POP3/Sieve server created at Carnegie Mellon University
gnupg2023-09-12 14:32GNU Privacy Guard - OpenPGP command line tool
libksba2023-09-12 14:12Library for working with X.509 certificates
libassuan2023-09-12 13:56Library for IPC between recent GnuPG components
libgcrypt2023-09-12 13:39Cryptographic library based on the code from GnuPG
libgpg-error2023-09-12 13:08Library that makes access to GnuPG easier for applications
npth2023-09-12 12:45Library providing a non-preemptive threads implementation
wget2023-09-12 10:17Non-interactive FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS downloader
libchardet2023-09-12 00:36Mozilla's Universal Charset Detector C/C++ API
libcap2023-09-11 23:30Library for getting and setting POSIX capabilities
shapelib2023-09-11 19:32C library for reading, writing, and updating ESRI Shapefiles
lzlib2023-09-11 17:44Data compression library for LZMA
lzip2023-09-11 15:57Lossless data compressor
libpsl2023-09-10 17:54C library to handle the Public Suffix List
nettle2023-09-10 15:15Low-level cryptographic library
wslay2023-09-10 15:05WebSocket library written in C
libical2023-09-10 03:15Open source implementation of iCalendar
libsrs22023-09-10 02:33Sender Rewriting Scheme library
cyrus-imap-3.02023-09-09 22:52IMAP/POP3/Sieve server created at Carnegie Mellon University
cyrus-imap-2.52023-09-09 16:45IMAP/POP3/Sieve server created at Carnegie Mellon University
pcloudcc2023-08-21 13:42Linux console client for pCloud cloud storage
lsb-release2023-08-21 09:02The Linux Standard Base
libsodium2023-08-09 02:18Library for encryption, decryption, signatures, password hashing and more
nvm2023-07-17 22:48Version manager for Node.js
tolua2023-06-04 16:40Simplifies integration of C/C++ code with Lua
tk2023-06-04 16:25Tk toolkit for Tcl
tcl2023-06-04 16:25Tool Command Language - text based script language
lua2023-06-03 16:03A general purpose, lightweight programming language
dhcp2023-02-08 22:38ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol client and server
tse2022-12-21 15:02Freeware text editor - formerly Qedit
phpmyadmin2022-12-11 16:33PHP-based web interface for MySQL/MariaDB
mandoc2022-06-26 18:32UNIX manpage compiler
certbot2022-06-12 15:43EFF tool for using Let's Encrypt certificates
jansson2022-05-07 02:14C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data
libev2022-05-07 01:51Event loop library
pcre2022-03-21 16:47Library for Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
imagick2022-03-21 16:24PHP wrapper for ImageMagick
m42021-11-22 01:13Macro processor
argon22021-10-05 22:56Reference C implementation of Argon2 password-hashing function
vsftpd2021-09-14 01:23Secure and fast FTP server
roundcube2021-08-09 16:07Browser-based IMAP webmail client
fuse2021-08-08 01:21Filesystem in Userspace
fuse32021-08-08 00:40Filesystem in Userspace
libedit2021-08-03 19:04Autotool and libtoolized port of the NetBSD Editline library
rsync2021-08-02 18:18Fast incremental file transfer
lz42021-08-02 01:42Lossless compression algorithm
xxhash2021-08-02 00:52Extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm
docbook2x2021-07-31 18:15Converts DocBook documents to man pages and Texinfo documents
stack2021-06-04 02:25Cross-platform program for developing Haskell projects
ncurses2021-06-04 02:17CRT screen handling and optimization package
aom2021-04-02 11:28AOM (Alliance for Open Media) AV1 library
mariadb2020-03-30 23:17SQL database server from the original developers of MySQL
htdig2019-04-02 13:59WWW search engine software
dos2unix2019-02-05 14:46Conversion utility that converts DOS/Win CR/LF to/from Unix LF
x2652019-02-03 12:37x265 HEVC encoder / H.265 video codec
x2642019-02-03 03:27Library for encoding H264/AVC video streams
xvid2019-02-03 02:48An ISO MPEG-4 compliant video codec
faad2019-02-03 02:20Freeware Advanced Audio Decoder
ffmpeg2019-02-02 19:37Record, covert, play and stream audio and video
libmicrohttpd2019-02-02 18:23C library for running an HTTP server
arping2019-01-26 03:35Sends arp and/or ip pings to a given host
libnet2019-01-26 03:05API for network packet management
tcpdump2019-01-26 01:23Dump traffic on a network
libcap-ng2019-01-26 01:16POSIX capabilities library
libpcap2019-01-26 01:08Portable C/C++ library for network traffic capture
libdbi2019-01-25 23:50Database-independent abstraction layer in C
lynx2019-01-12 21:15ASCII web browser for the console
devil2019-01-03 00:50Developer's Image Library; formerly OpenIL
imagemagick2019-01-02 22:48Convert, edit, and compose images
libsquish2019-01-02 16:45Open source DXT compression library
valgrind2018-12-29 04:04An instrumentation framework for building dynamic analysis tools
c-ares2018-12-27 23:56C library for asynchronous DNS requests
sshfs2018-12-22 01:25SSH Filesystem
libimagequant2018-11-26 13:22Image quantization library
graphite22018-11-26 10:54Smart font system
libusb2018-11-05 14:15Library for userspace apps to access USB devices
jasper2018-10-31 15:54Image manipulation library and programs
libjpeg2018-10-31 15:02JPEG library and utilities
gyp2018-10-24 00:49Meta-build system
libspectre2018-10-22 23:11Library for rendering Postscript documents
ghostscript2018-10-22 22:52Processor for PostScript and PDF files
jbig2dec2018-10-22 21:43Decoder utility and library for the JBIG2 image compression format
rust2018-10-22 15:20A systems programming language
dcraw2018-10-22 02:24Decodes raw digital photos
msttcorefonts2018-10-21 15:10Installation of Microsoft TrueType core fonts in Linux
libfpx2018-10-21 13:39FlashPIX OpenSource Toolkit
tidy2018-10-19 23:46HTML tidying tool
make2018-08-05 21:13GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs
gettext2018-08-05 20:54Internationalization library
texinfo2018-08-04 00:56Software documentation system
a2ps2018-07-26 23:53Any to PostScript filter
html2ps2018-07-26 23:46A Perl-based HTML to PostScript converter
gcc2018-07-26 22:43GNU compiler collection
gperf2018-07-26 22:39Perfect hash function generator
libidn2018-07-26 21:14Implementation of the Stringprep, Punycode and IDNA 2003 specifications
ulogd2018-07-26 12:29Userspace Logging Daemon for iptables
readline2018-07-25 13:30Library with command line editing functions
protobuf2018-07-24 10:30Google Protocol Buffers
protobuf-c2018-07-23 21:20A C implementation of the Google Protocol Buffers data serialization format
dnstap2018-07-23 16:14Structured binary log format for DNS software - fstrm, protobuf-c
fstrm2018-07-23 16:13A Frame Streams implementation in C
certbot-auto2018-07-18 10:39ACME client for the Let's Encrypt certificate authority
augeas2018-05-09 12:49Configuraton editing tool
freeradius2017-10-19 14:33Radius server, successor to Cistron
flex2017-05-24 15:32Fast lexical analyzer generator
motion2017-01-26 13:45Motion detector for video cameras
webcam-tools2017-01-26 12:47libwebcam and uvcdynctrl
openvpn2017-01-20 23:32Virtual private network (VPN) software
net-snmp2016-11-25 22:22Simple Network Management Protocol library and tools
mysql2016-11-05 18:57SQL database server
re2c2016-11-03 22:02Tool for writing very fast and flexible scanners
python-setuptools2016-10-01 16:25Download, build, install, upgrade and uninstall Python packages
vim2016-09-12 12:40Vi IMproved - a text editor based on vi
ctags2016-09-12 10:53
nagios2016-08-16 18:11System and network monitor
fping2016-08-13 18:04ping, but better
makedepend2016-07-23 makedepend utilities
util-macros2016-07-23 macros utilities
xproto2016-07-23 X11Proto protocol headers
cunit2016-07-22 15:45Lightweight system for writing, administering, and running unit tests in C
tidyp2016-07-20 14:30HTML (< 5) validator and beautifier
gimp2016-06-25 18:01GNU Image Manipulation Program
nut2016-03-10 14:14Software for UPS monitoring, safe shutdown
camlp52016-03-04 12:29Preprocessor-pretty-printer of OCaml
keepassx2016-02-09 11:42Cross platform GUI password manager
ocaml2016-02-04 18:11General-purpose programming language - Objective Caml
sendmail-beta2015-02-26 15:04Mail transport agent. The most widely used, and the best IMHO.
gcalcli2015-01-22 12:01Google Calendar command line interface
stunnel2014-09-23 13:26Encrypt TCP connections inside SSL
dblatex2014-09-22 14:17DocBook to LaTeX Publishing
watchdog2014-06-11 14:56Watchdog daemon for Linux
libssh2014-05-05 12:03SSHv1 and SSHv2 client/server library
groff2014-05-04 18:23Document formatting system
multitail2013-12-06 09:54tail, but for multiple files with colorization and filters
squirrelmail2013-09-03 22:02PHP-based webmail
mysqldb2013-08-27 01:03MySQL support for Python
viewvc2013-08-26 22:16Browser interface for CVS and Subversion repositories
cvsgraph2013-08-26 21:41A graphical representation of CVS/RCS revisions
gamin2013-08-10 00:16File Alteration Monitor
arpwatch-ng2013-07-22 23:26Replacement for the original arpwatch
mplayer2013-07-22 00:01Movie player
cabextract2013-07-21 16:44Extracts M$ cabinet (.cab) files
catdoc2013-07-21 13:28DOC (Word), PPT (Powerpoint), and XLS (Excel) converters
unrtf2013-07-21 12:55Converts from Rich Text Format to HTML, LaTeX, troff, and RTF
antivir2013-07-11 23:36Virus scanner
jpeg-mmx2013-07-10 11:36A modified version of jpeg-6b to support MMX
swig2013-06-11 19:17Generates wrapper c/c++ code for other languages
vde2013-06-09 01:49Virtual Distributed Ethernet
xfsprogs2013-06-07 17:09Utilities for the XFS filesystem
unison2013-05-24 20:42File synchronization tool for Unix and Windows
libmpeg32013-05-24 17:32Library that decodes mp2, mp3, ac3, mpeg-1 video, mpeg-2 video, and DVD
indent2013-03-12 23:32Beautifies code making it easier to read
db42013-01-15 20:22Database library and utilities
diffutils2012-05-14 23:53Find differences between two files
mlocate2012-05-14 09:17A locate/updatedb that re-uses the existing database for efficiency
findutils2012-05-14 01:01find, xargs, updatedb/locate
slocate2012-05-11 13:06Secure Locate - locates only files that the user has access to
which2012-05-11 11:08Finds the full path to an executable using your shell's $PATH
iproute22012-05-11 02:26iproute2 networking utils for Linux
strace2012-05-07 20:08Prints a trace of system calls made by a another process/program
iptables2012-03-29 23:17IP packet filter administration
libnfnetlink2012-03-29 23:06Low-level library for netfilter kernel/userspace communication
psutils2012-03-22 22:58PostScript utilities: psnup, psselect, pstops, psbook, psresize
rrdtool2012-03-17 00:24A reimplementation of MRTGs graphing and logging features
cgilib2012-03-16 23:49Library that provides an interface to CGI (common gateway interface)
pango2012-03-16 22:59Framework for layout and rendering of internationalized text
librsvg2012-03-16 13:04Scalable Vector Graphics
mrtg2012-03-08 23:30Multi Router Traffic Grapher
mercurial2012-03-08 22:54Source control management system
python-docutils2012-03-08 22:15Python-based text processing system
subversion2012-03-06 22:09Version control system intended to be a replacement for CVS
iperf2012-03-06 14:20Measures bandwidth performance
neon2012-03-03 02:46HTTP and WebDAV client library
linux_logo2012-02-29 19:32Creates an ANSI or ASCII Linux logo to use for /etc/issue
procinfo2011-07-19 12:22Display system status gathered from /proc
psmisc2011-07-19 12:12Utilities that use the /proc fs: fuser, killall, pstree, pidof, peekfd
procps2011-07-19 10:47System monitoring utils like ps, top, vmstat, free, kill, sysctl, uptime, etc.
tar2011-07-18 00:27The GNU version of the tar archiving utility
gzip2011-07-17 23:54Compress or expand gzip (*.gz) files
glib2011-07-10 22:11Low-level core library used by GTK+, Gnome, and many others
nmap2011-07-10 20:24Network exploration tool and security scanner
clamav2011-07-06 00:21Virus scanning tools (commandline, daemon, and milter)
whois2011-03-14 09:42Client for the whois directory service
git2011-01-04 00:02Stupid Content Tracker/Fast Version Control System
mimedefang2010-11-02 00:27Sendmail MIME mail filter
sysstat2010-06-06 22:27sar, mpstat, and iostat for Linux
hplip2010-05-30 21:20HP Linux Imaging and Printing System
cups2010-05-30 21:20Common Unix Printing System
wxpython2010-05-11 10:38The wxWidgets C++ library for Python
zapping2010-05-11 10:20TV viewer for Gnome
openal2010-05-11 10:19Cross-platform 3D audio API
libvncserver2010-05-11 10:03Library providing an API for VNC servers
libjs2010-04-30 18:02Mozilla's C implementation of JavaScript
dbus2010-04-30 17:59A simple way for applications to talk to one another
pilot-link2010-04-30 17:57Palm handheld utilities
openoffice2010-04-30 17:56M$ Office-like office suite
openoffice-bin2010-04-30 17:55Multiplatform, multilingual open-source office suite
kdebindings2010-04-30 17:55KDE bindings for Java, Python, Ruby, etc.
kdebase2010-04-30 17:54Various KDE apps, libs, and infrastructure files
kde-3.52010-04-30 17:53The K Desktop Environment
firefox2010-04-30 17:51Web browser from the Mozilla project
ddclient2010-04-22 16:35Perl-based dynamic DNS client
kde2010-04-09 09:59The K Desktop Environment
newt2010-04-09 09:51Terminal-based window and widget library
joe2010-03-21 14:57A Wordstar-like, powerful text editor: Joe's own editor
mktemp2010-03-21 14:43Creates temp files with a unique filename
postgresql2010-03-10 19:36Scalable, SQL compliant, object-relational database management system
tofrodos2010-03-10 14:17Conversion utility that converts DOS/Win CR/LF to/from Unix LF
lm_sensors2010-02-18 22:52Linux hardware monitoring
tftp-hpa2010-02-07 01:16An enhanced version of the BSD TFTP client and server
liblasi2009-09-25 13:00Unicode Postscript printing engine project
kdevelop2009-09-25 12:58No description available
kdelibs2009-09-25 12:58KDE libraries
kdegraphics2009-09-25 12:58Graphic oriented applications for KDE
openexr2009-09-24 18:33High dynamic-range (HDR) image file format from ILM
file2009-07-23 00:55Determines file types
lsof2009-07-22 23:35Util that lists open files
links2009-07-10 12:11Similar to lynx but with frames, pulldowns, js, and graphical mode
jhead2009-03-13 21:26Exif Jpeg camera setting parser and thumbnail remover
netpbm2009-03-13 21:20A huge pile of graphics conversion utilities (formerly pbmplus)
deco2009-03-11 20:27Archive file extractor
up-imapproxy2009-03-11 12:19Commonly used with webmail apps to re-use IMAP connections
fileutils2009-03-08 23:34GNU file management utilities
mcrypt2009-03-08 22:03Cryptography library
mhash2009-03-08 21:40Hash algorithm library
libsigsegv2009-02-17 23:49Library for handling page faults in user mode
gtk2008-09-25 20:35Multi-platform GUI toolkit
atk2008-09-18 12:20Library of accessibility functions for gtk/gnome
perl2008-09-16 13:24Practical Extraction and Report Language
man-pages2008-06-18 18:02Section 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 man pages for Linux
man2008-06-18 17:46Format and display manual pages
ddrescue2008-05-29 21:24Data recovery tool
safecopy2008-05-29 10:42Data recovery tool
autogen2008-05-26 00:35Automated text file generator
lxsplit2008-05-21 17:08File splitter and joiner
hjsplit2008-05-21 12:29Freeware file splitter and joiner
zvbi2008-04-24 16:19VBI decoding library
libxcb2008-04-23 13:23X protocol C language binding
check2008-04-17 21:11Unit test framework for C
wireshark2008-04-14 15:28Network protocol analyzer (packet sniffer)
libming2008-04-10 11:03Library for generating Macromedia Flash files (.swf)
libmpcdec2008-04-10 00:58Musepack decoder library
fribidi2008-04-10 00:40A free implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (BiDi)
dvdbackup2008-04-10 00:31Backs up DVDs
bio2jack2008-04-10 00:21Library for porting blocked I/O OSS/ALSA apps to Jack
vesautils2008-04-10 00:14Library and utilities for handling VESA BIOS Extension
ggi2008-04-10 00:03Unified interface to manage access to graphics hardware
xine2008-04-09 22:42Multimedia player (CD, VCD, DVD, AVI, MOV, WMV, MP3, ...)
libdca2008-04-09 20:23DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder
libcdio2008-04-09 19:34CD input and control library
libcddb2008-04-09 19:01C library to access data on a CDDB server
libmng2008-04-09 18:40Multiple-image Network Graphics; the animation version of PNG
pulseaudio2008-04-09 17:40Sound server
liboil2008-04-09 16:15Library of functions optimized for various CPUs
libsamplerate2008-04-09 16:05Sample rate converter for audio
libsndfile2008-04-09 15:28C library for reading and writing sound files
libstk2008-04-09 15:06Graphical widget set for set-top boxes and the like
directfb2008-04-09 13:59Graphics library for the Linux framebuffer device
libcaca2008-04-08 19:13Graphics library that outputs text instead of pixels
slang2008-04-08 18:49Screen management, keymap, terminal I/O, etc. language and library
gpac2008-04-08 12:11Multimedia framework for graphics, animation, and interactivity
imlib2008-04-07 12:55Advanced replacement library for libraries like libXpm
imlib22008-04-07 12:55The successor to imlib; an image processing (load/save/render/...) library
espgs2008-04-03 11:39easysw's enhanced version of ghostscript
mono2008-04-01 17:25Free implementation of .NET
seamonkey-bin2008-03-31 15:48Browser suite from Mozilla, formerly named "Mozilla"
thunderbird-bin2008-03-31 15:22MUA from the Mozilla project
firefox-bin2008-03-31 15:03Web browser from the Mozilla project
ruby2008-03-22 17:54Object-oriented scripting language
alsa2008-03-22 16:23Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
jdk2008-03-06 17:22Sun Java Development Kit
faac2008-02-22 18:25Freeware Advanced Audio Coder
wxwidgets2008-02-22 16:07C++ GUI framework for cross-platform programming
oggvorbis2008-02-13 16:07An open, free (both kinds) audio format (an excellent mp3 alternative)
sdl2008-02-12 20:01Simple Directmedia Layer: Cross-platform multimedia library
xmms2008-02-12 13:12An audio player for X
libmikmod2008-02-12 10:26Portable sound library
dvdauthor2008-02-07 22:47Tools to help you author a DVD
sane2008-01-16 21:12Scanner Access Now Easy - API for scanners
lirc2008-01-11 20:53Linux Infrared Remote Control
xmltoman2008-01-11 19:04XML to man converter
libatomic_ops2008-01-11 17:39Atomic memory update operations on a number of architectures
jack2008-01-10 22:44Low-latency audio server
portaudio2008-01-10 19:14Cross-platform audio I/O library
knutclient2008-01-10 11:51Graphical KDE client for UPSes using NUT
nas2008-01-09 10:22Network Audio System, a client/server audio transport system
libmspack2008-01-08 11:33Compression and decompression of M$ file formats
libdvdcss2008-01-02 11:15Library for DVD access with on-the-fly CSS decryption
pine2008-01-01 15:01A Program for Internet News & Email -or- Pine Is Not Elm
ant2007-12-20 10:52Java based build tool
red52007-12-12 17:07Open source Flash server
dnstop2007-10-25 10:57Displays tables of DNS traffic on your network
libdc13942007-10-16 16:57Library for controlling 1394-based digital cameras
pidgin2007-10-16 15:58Multi-protocol IM client for AIM, ICQ, MSN, Jabber, etc.
libiec618832007-10-15 13:50API for streaming DV, MPEG-2 and audio over Linux IEEE 1394
libraw13942007-10-15 13:40IEEE 1394 (aka. Firewire, i.Link) library
audacity2007-09-18 21:21Sound editor
flac2007-09-18 20:29Free lossless audio codec
dia2007-09-18 17:16A gtk+ based Viseo-like GPLd diagram creation program
ralcgm2007-09-18 16:51Interprets Computer Graphics Metafiles
smartmontools2007-09-16 17:57Utils for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology System (SMART) monitoring of ATA and SCSI hard drives
util-linux2007-09-15 01:45Miscellaneous utilities for Linux
infozip2007-09-14 16:17zip, unzip, zipgrep, and other .zip-file related utilities
ms-sys2007-09-14 10:21Creates M$-compatible boot records (like fdisk /mbr)
apache2007-09-14 10:01Apache and several modules
parted2007-09-13 16:02Partition and filesystem resizer
nano2007-09-11 22:08Nano's ANOther editor, or Not ANOther editor (a pico clone)
pciutils2007-09-11 20:31Configure/list PCI devices
less2007-09-11 10:25The opposite of more
dmidecode2007-09-10 23:07Reports BIOS system hardware info
lshw2007-09-08 18:35Hardware lister
cdrtools2007-09-05 11:54Utils used to burn CDs
pktstat2007-09-04 11:45IP network monitor
cpio2007-09-01 12:08Copies files into or out of a cpio or tar archive
e2fsprogs2007-08-28 14:48Second extended (ext2) file system management programs
cvs2007-08-25 20:53Concurrent Versioning System
viewcvs2007-08-25 12:41Web based CVS client (a Python-based CGI)
cvsweb2007-08-25 12:40WWW interface for CVS repositories
aegis2007-08-19 13:52A GUI (gtk2-perl) front-end for File::Scan
mozilla-plugins2007-08-13 13:29Set up plugins for Mozilla-based browsers
intltool2007-07-19 21:15Internationalization of strings in source files
xawtv2007-07-18 11:43TV application and utilities
flashplayer2007-07-11 18:32Adobe flash player plugin for Mozilla and compatible browsers
gtkspell2007-07-03 16:49Highlights misspelled words like M$Word/MacOSX
esound2007-06-28 20:42Enlightenment Sound Daemon
bdb2007-06-22 18:07Database library and utilities
db32007-06-22 18:06Database library and utilities
qt2007-06-11 13:44Multiplatform, C++ application framework
pinentry2007-06-08 18:19PIN or passphrase entry dialogs
pth2007-06-08 17:11Portable threads library
fftw2007-06-07 21:21Fastest Fourier Transform in the West
f-prot2007-06-05 12:23F-Prot Antivirus(TM) for Linux
mplayerplug-in2007-05-07 12:42mplayer plug-in for netscape/mozilla
azureus2007-04-24 09:00Java-based BitTorrent client
checkbot2007-04-13 20:20Perl-based HTML link checker
pan2007-04-13 13:25A newsreader for GNOME (it'll run under KDE, etc. too, if you have the GNOME libs)
sysfsutils2007-04-10 16:53Library and utility for Linux's sysfs
xpdf2007-04-07 16:18A pdf viewer and other pdf utilities
linkchecker2007-02-27 11:18Checks HTML documents for broken links
dvdrip2007-02-14 12:33DVD ripper
vcdimager2007-02-13 22:24Authors, disassembles, and analyzes (Super) VideoCDs
ogmtools2007-02-13 20:05Info, extract, merge, and split tools for Ogg files
rar2007-02-13 19:54Utilities for creating and extracting rar archives
gtk-perl2007-02-09 10:39Set modules that let you exploit Gtk+ and Gnome from perl
libxslt2007-02-04 17:21XSLT (XML conversion) library
libmal2007-01-11 12:05A convenience library of the object files contained in malsync
lsdvd2007-01-05 19:34Prints out the contents of a DVD
o3read2007-01-05 19:01Converter for OpenOffice sxw (writer) and sxc (calc) formats
cdrdao2006-12-30 01:52Records CD-Rs in disk-at-once mode
dvdrtools2006-12-28 22:53Tools for burning dvd-rw/dvd-r discs
transcode2006-12-28 22:27Video processing tool
mjpegtools2006-12-28 21:37Video capture, editing, playback, and compression tools
libquicktime2006-12-28 21:21Library for reading and writing quicktime files
avifile2006-12-28 18:11Compressed AVI file support library for x86 Linux
dvd_rw-tools2006-12-28 11:29Utilities for burning DVD&plusmn;RW/&plusmn;R discs
libdvdnav2006-12-28 11:19DVD menu navigation library
libdvdread2006-12-28 10:38Library for reading DVDs
easytag2006-12-12 15:50Audio file tag viewer and editor
gphoto2006-11-30 23:49Digital camera software for X
gtk-sharp2006-11-30 21:55.NET binding for GTK+
libgtkhtml-32006-11-30 18:53Lightweight HTML rendering/printing/editing engine
libsoup2006-11-30 16:19A HTTP library implementation in C
gail2006-11-30 15:55Accessibility for GTK+ and libgnomecanvas
vte2006-11-29 22:58Terminal emulator widget for GTK+
gnome-panel2006-11-29 14:27The Gnome panel
libwnck2006-11-29 12:56Window Navigator Construction Kit library, used by Gnome
gnome-menus2006-11-29 12:29Gnome menu layout and related utilities
gnome-desktop2006-11-28 15:49The Gnome desktop library, docs, pixmaps, etc.
gnome-doc-utils2006-11-28 15:45Documentation utilities for Gnome
libgnomeprintui2006-11-28 14:52The GUI part of the printing libraries for Gnome
gnome-icon-theme2006-11-28 14:47A collection of icons used as the basis for GNOME themes
icon-naming-utils2006-11-28 14:43Utilities for mapping icon names to a new icon spec
libgnomeprint2006-11-28 14:11The non-gui part of the printing libraries for Gnome
libgnomecups2006-11-28 14:05Library for Gnome to be able to use CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)
libgnomecanvas2006-11-28 12:27Canvas widget for Gnome2
libbonoboui2006-11-28 12:14UI code for bonobo, the OAF for Gnome 2
libglade2006-11-28 12:08Lib that allows a program to load it's UI from an XML description at runtime
libgnomeui2006-11-28 00:14One of the Gnome 2.x core libraries
gnome-keyring2006-11-27 17:34Keeps passwords and other secrets for Gnome users
libgnome2006-11-27 12:41Core Gnome library
gnome-vfs2006-11-27 11:24Gnome virtual file system
hal2006-11-27 11:03Hardware Abstraction Layer
fam2006-11-26 17:17File Alteration Monitor
gnome-mime-data2006-11-26 16:41Database of applications and MIME types
libbonobo2006-11-26 14:11A set of language and system independant CORBA interfaces
gconf2006-11-26 00:32Configuration database system, the one Gnome uses
orbit2006-11-26 00:28CORBA Object Request Broker
lame2006-11-07 12:31LAME Ain't an Mp3 Encoder
mpeg2dec2006-11-07 10:52mpeg 1 and 2 decoder library and test program for it
totem2006-11-04 23:20Gnome movie player based on Xine
polypaudio2006-11-03 13:08Sound server, replacement for esound
twolame2006-11-03 09:48MPEG Audio Layer 2 encoder based on tooLAME
arpwatch2006-11-02 11:48Ethernet monitor program; for keeping track of ethernet/ip address pairings
gutenprint2006-10-30 13:18Suite of printer drivers for CUPS, lpr, LPRng, etc.
reportlab2006-10-28 12:58PDF library
pyqt2006-10-28 11:48Python bindings for Qt
gramps2006-10-27 14:50Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System
hpijs2006-10-26 21:46HP-developed HP Inkjet drivers for Ghostscript
gnomeicu2006-10-16 15:10ICQ clone
tripwire2006-10-16 14:24Security and data-integrity tool
mythtv-svn2006-10-06 10:42Homebrew PVR (like TiVo, Freevo, etc.) project
mythtv2006-10-06 10:42Homebrew PVR (like TiVo, Freevo, etc.) project
xmltv2006-10-05 10:15TV listings grabber
libdv2006-09-28 10:57Decoder for DV format video, used by digital camcorders
libnotify2006-09-22 12:37Part of Galago, a desktop presence framework
gnome-pilot2006-09-22 08:50A gnome interface to pilot-link, for palm syncing
gob2006-09-21 18:45GObject Builder
f-spot2006-09-21 16:23Personal photo management software for GNOME
gnome-db2006-09-21 14:58Libraries for unified data access in GNOME
udev2006-09-18 17:49Allows users to have a dynamic /dev directory, persistent device names
hardinfo2006-09-18 15:04System information and benchmark tool
pam2006-09-14 14:29Linux PAM - Pluggable Authentication Modules
xmlto2006-09-13 14:22Front-end to an XSL toolchain
gnome-python2006-09-12 17:32Python bindings for GTK
pygtk2006-09-12 16:54Python bindings for GTK
pycairo2006-09-12 16:50cairo bindings for Python
mozilla2006-09-07 13:20Open source browser based on an older version of Netscape Communicator
libavc13942006-09-01 21:23API for the 1394 Trade Association AV/C Digital Interface Command Set
gpa2006-08-31 15:46Graphical front-end for GnuPG
j-pilot2006-08-24 17:48Palm desktop
bittorrent2006-08-24 15:11Distributed bandwidth file copying tool
revelation2006-08-24 13:58Password manager
freeglut2006-08-21 13:45Opensourced alternative to GLUT
gle2006-08-21 13:40GLE tubing and extrusion library
gtkmm2006-08-19 16:12C++ interface for GTK+
plib2006-08-19 16:00Portable game library
qcad2006-08-19 14:02GPL 2D Computer Aided Drafting software
kdeaddons2006-08-17 10:11Additional plugins and scripts for KDE applications
lilo2006-08-16 23:36Boot loader
dillo2006-08-16 22:05GTK+ based, small, fast web browser
fltk2006-08-16 21:36FLTK = Fast Light Toolkit (pronounced "fulltick")
grub2006-08-16 17:35Multiboot boot loader
kdeedu2006-08-16 16:59Educational programs for KDE
svgalib2006-08-11 10:20A video hardware graphics library
nfs-utils2006-08-09 12:30NFS daemons and utilities
mdadm2006-08-08 17:04Tools for creating, maintaining, and monitoring Linux software raid
htmldoc2006-08-08 16:26Converts HTML to HTML, PS, or PDF with a ToC
dd_rescue2006-08-08 13:56Allows you to rescue data from a medium with errors
cracklib2006-08-08 13:09Library that prevents users from choosing simple passwords
gnome-spell2006-08-08 11:40GNOME/Bonobo component for spell checking
libwpd2006-08-08 11:11Library for importing and exporting WordPerfect (tm) documents
lyx2006-08-08 10:16Document processor
gucharmap2006-08-08 00:12A Unicode/ISO 10646 character map and font viewer
wv2006-08-07 21:54Convert M$Word documents
libgsf2006-08-07 21:46Gnome structured file library
libxml++2006-08-07 14:45c++ wrapper for libxml
glibmm2006-08-07 14:21C++ interface for glib
abiword2006-08-07 12:21A wordprocessor for X, similar to M$ Word
libvisual2006-08-02 23:05Audio visualization library
ntfsprogs2006-08-02 20:20Library and utilities for NTFS filesystem use from Linux
ethereal2006-07-18 14:49Network protocol analyzer (packet sniffer)
kdeaccessibility2006-06-27 10:28KDE accessibility programs
arts2006-06-26 15:26Analog realtime synthesizer
usbutils2006-06-08 15:44USB utilities
vlc2006-06-07 18:11VideoLAN Client - multimedia player
qtparted2006-06-02 12:41Qt-based front end for parted
jfsutils2006-06-02 11:42Utilities for the JFS filesystem
gparted2006-06-01 21:18Gnome partition editor
dvd-slideshow2006-06-01 19:31Scripts that turn images into a DVD with menus
sudo2006-06-01 14:42Superuser do - run as superuser while logged in as a non-root user
cksfv2006-06-01 14:04Checks .sfv (Simple File Verification) files
cpufrequtils2006-06-01 11:38Library and command line tools for the cpufreq subsystem
yelp2006-04-28 09:03Help browser for Gnome 2.x
xscreensaver2006-04-27 10:37Screen saver (191 last time I checked) and locker for X
sharutils2006-04-27 10:34shar (shell archive), unshar, uuencode, uudecode
libspf2006-04-27 10:29A library that provides a C API for SPF
linneighborhood2006-04-27 10:25A GTK-based GUI frontend for Samba and smbmount
kdeadmin2006-04-27 10:12Sysadmin packages for KDE
gstreamer2006-04-27 10:12Streaming media library and tools
gnucash2006-04-27 10:09A GTK+-based Quicken or M$-Money like financial program
gnome-python-extras2006-04-27 10:07Python bindings for Gnome libraries
module-init-tools2006-04-10 20:21Kernels = 2.5 uses this
modutils2006-04-07 15:51Linux kernel module utilities (insmod, lsmod, depmod, modprobe, etc.)
hdparm2006-04-07 14:59Get/set hard disk parameters
ccache2006-04-07 14:41Compiler cache
checkinstall2006-04-07 10:03Keeps track of files modified by 'make install' to create a package
bin862006-03-30 21:118086 assembler/loader
monica2006-03-29 14:04Monitor calibration tool
lcdtest2006-03-29 14:01Displays LCD monitor test patterns
koffice2006-03-28 13:09Office suite for KDE
kdewebdev2006-03-26 19:13Web development package for KDE
kdeutils2006-03-26 17:18KDE utility apps: kark, kcalc, kcharselect, kdepasswd, etc.
kdetoys2006-03-26 15:07KDE toys - kmoon, keyes, kteatime, etc.
kdepim2006-03-26 14:56KDE mail clients, addressbooks, news, scheduling, and sticky notes
kdenetwork2006-03-25 17:26Network-based programs for KDE
kdemultimedia2006-03-25 13:13Multimedia programs for KDE
kdegames2006-03-24 20:04Games for KDE
kdeartwork2006-03-24 09:21Themes, screensavers, sounds, wallpapers, and styles for KDE
festival2006-03-22 20:53Speech synthesis system
bind82006-03-20 14:19DNS server, resolver, and tools
rhythmbox2006-03-19 23:37Music management for Gnome
mondorescue2006-03-14 15:31Disaster recovery suite for Linux and Windows
afio2006-03-14 11:12Creates cpio-format archives
partimage2006-03-14 11:03Saves partitions to an image file
licq2006-03-06 18:00An ICQ clone
libcroco2006-03-06 12:47CSS2 parsing and manipulation library
grip2006-02-27 15:17CD player and ripper
lives2006-02-24 08:59Video editing system
hylafax2006-02-13 21:02&quot;Enterprise-class&quot; (I hate that term) fax software
xlhtml2006-02-08 19:00Utilities for converting xls and ppt files into HTML
texi2html2006-02-08 14:23Perl script that converts texinfo to HTML
source-highlight2006-02-08 14:23Given a source file, produces a document with syntax highlighting
webcpp2006-02-08 10:59Converts source code into syntax highlighted HTML
libmusicbrainz2006-01-31 10:24Client library for accessing data on the MusicBrainz server
libgtop2006-01-31 09:15Portable system access library
gnome-media2006-01-31 00:01Gnome media tools
gdl2006-01-30 17:43Gnome Devtool Libraries
gksu2006-01-30 17:20GTK+ frontend to su and sudo
nautilus-cd-burner2006-01-30 16:35CD burner extension to Nautilus
nautilus-media2006-01-30 14:35Media extension for Nautilus
libsidplay2006-01-30 13:55C64 music player and SID chip emulator
nautilus2006-01-30 09:55File manager for Gnome
eel2006-01-30 09:31Eazel Extensions Library - widgets and extensions for Gnome
pyorbit2006-01-27 15:03Python binding for the ORBit2 CORBA ORB
pycrypto2006-01-27 14:26Cryptographic algorithms and protocols for Python
most2006-01-27 08:53A pager like more and less
mp3info2006-01-26 18:15mp3 info viewer and tag editor
html2text2006-01-26 15:41Converts HTML into text
pstotext2006-01-26 15:36Extracts plain text from ps and pdf files
fdutils2006-01-26 15:24Utilities for configuring, debugging, and sending commands to the Linux floppy driver
mtools2006-01-26 14:07A collection of utilities to access MS-DOS disks from Unix without mounting
aumix2006-01-26 12:39Audio mixer controls (gtk+ or ncurses)
rexima2006-01-26 12:21Curses-based mixer
conntrack2006-01-25 09:02Program for viewing the connection tracking table
gnumeric2006-01-24 20:25Gnome-based spreadsheet like M$ Excel
libsvg-cairo2006-01-24 14:42A library for rendering SVG documents
libsvg2006-01-24 14:37A generic library for parsing SVG documents
pyopengl2006-01-24 13:36Python binding to OpenGL and related APIs
pil2006-01-24 13:34Image processing library for Python
gfax2006-01-18 10:58Gnome front end to fax programs
evolution-sharp2006-01-18 09:47.NET binding for Evolution libraries
aiksaurus2006-01-17 11:30Libraries and apps that provide a thesaurus
gnome-nettool2006-01-17 09:16Ping, traceroute, whois, etc. for Gnome
glabels2006-01-16 17:45Gnome program for creating labels and business cards
quota-tools2006-01-13 10:01Utilities for setting/getting disk usage limits
reiserfsprogs2006-01-13 09:51Userland tools for the ReiserFS filesystem
progsreiserfs2006-01-13 09:49A library (libreiserfs) for reiserfs filesystem access and manipulation
libsigc++2006-01-13 09:11Callback framework for C++
eps2006-01-12 15:14E-mail processing system
libots2006-01-12 12:48A library and commandline tool for summarizing texts
psiconv2006-01-12 12:41Convert Psion format files
goffice2006-01-12 09:44Library of document-centric objects and utilities
evolution2006-01-11 16:10Gnome mailer/calendar/contact app like M$-Outlook
libgtkhtml-22006-01-11 11:52HTML rendering/editing library
hotplug2006-01-11 10:39Kernel & scripts make newly plugged-in devices available immediately
wavplay2006-01-10 14:22Play and record wav files
wv22006-01-10 13:18An MS Word .doc import filter
libwmf2006-01-10 12:43Library for converting WMF (Window$ Metafile Format) files
startup-notification2006-01-09 23:37Adds support for applications to use "busy" cursors while starting up
gtksourceview2006-01-09 15:39GTK+ 2.x text widget that implements syntax highlighting
scrollkeeper2006-01-07 14:50Documentation catalogging system, used by Gnome
libungif2006-01-07 11:46A library for reading and writing gif images
tclx2006-01-06 10:33Extended Tcl (TclX)
libexif2006-01-05 19:15Library for parsing, editing, and saving EXIF data
mozplugger2006-01-04 14:09Mozilla plugin originally based on Plugger
tvtime2006-01-04 10:25TV player
libcdaudio2005-12-30 18:15Library for controlling audio CDs
libpvm32005-12-30 17:01Parallel Virtual Machine
libart2005-12-22 10:50High-preformance 2D graphics library
libbonobo-activation2005-12-22 09:44Object Activation Framework for GNOME
linc2005-12-21 18:28Library for writing networked servers and clients
libidl2005-12-21 18:08Creates trees of CORBA IDL files
libieee12842005-12-21 13:01A library for communicating with or identifying parallel port devices
antiword2005-12-16 13:07M$ Word file reader
aspell2005-12-16 12:54Spell checker
ripmime2005-12-15 20:20Extracts attached files out of a MIME package
lesstif2005-12-15 12:55The hungry programmers' version of OSF/Motif(R)&reg;
debianutils2005-12-14 17:36Some debian utils that prove useful with other distros
toolame2005-12-14 11:41Optimized mpeg-1/2 layer II audio encoder
xanim2005-12-13 15:06Audio and video player for X
enca2005-12-13 14:30Extremely Naive Charset Analyser
recode2005-12-13 13:09Converts between various character sets
mpeg4ip2005-12-12 20:53Encode, stream, and play audio and video
rte2005-12-12 16:00Real Time Audio/Video Encoding Library
divx4linux2005-12-12 15:29DivX encoder and decoder
fame2005-12-12 15:17Set of tools for encoding multimedia content
aalib2005-12-12 10:16Graphics library that displays everything as ASCII art
cdparanoia2005-12-07 17:18A CD ripper: Reads audio from CDs, saves it to sound files
xcdroast2005-12-07 16:41GUI front end for cdrecord, cdda2wav, mkisofs, etc. (to burn CDs)
cpufreqd2005-11-28 11:08Monitor and manipulate CPU frequency
tightvnc2005-11-26 13:33Remote control software derived from VNC
pinepg2005-11-13 14:39perl script to interface Pine and GnuPG
chkrootkit2005-11-11 11:39Locally checks for signs of a rootkit
ethercard2005-11-10 00:15Linux Ethercard Status, Diagnostic and Setup Utilities
enscript2005-11-07 13:22Converts text files to PS, HTML, RTF, ...
logsentry2005-11-06 23:47Log e-mailer (formerly known as logcheck)
raidtools2005-11-04 13:15Linux software RAID tools
dev862005-11-04 09:15Linux 8086 development environment
popt2005-11-03 10:09Commandline parsing library
gpm2005-11-02 23:23General purpose mouse (daemon)
textutils2005-11-02 12:15GNU text file processing utilities
sh-utils2005-11-02 12:10Shell programming utilities
net-tools2005-11-02 09:22Linux NET-3 utilities (arp, hostname, ifconfig, ...)
procmail2005-10-25 17:29Autonomous mail processor
termcap2005-10-04 13:05c library for type-independant terminal control strings
tnef2005-09-28 12:05Extracts Micro$loth MS-TNEF attachments
gimp-print2005-09-22 15:45Print drivers for use with gs, cups, foomatic, and the gimp
scribus2005-09-22 11:36Desktop publishing for Linux
patch2005-09-21 11:40Applies diffs
postfix2005-09-19 14:01MTA alternative to sendmail
iptraf2005-09-19 10:01IP network monitor
bc2005-09-16 16:38An arbitrary precision numeric processing language
taglib2005-09-15 13:26Library for working with audio file meta data
uudeview2005-09-15 11:48A decoder for binary files
mc2005-09-15 11:40File manager and user shell
kino2005-07-22 15:03Non-linear DV editor
syscheck2005-07-22 13:47Checks your files to see what has changed
arj2005-07-05 20:40Open-source version of the arj archiver
clanlib2005-06-26 10:03Game software development kit
liba522005-06-24 16:29Library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams
id3lib2005-06-24 13:50Library for reading, writing, and manipulating of id3v1 and id3v2 tags
audiofile2005-06-21 14:54API for audio file formats like aiff, wav, snd, au
libid3tag2005-06-21 14:18ID3 tag manipulation library
libmad2005-06-21 14:11High-quality mpeg audio decoder
mpg3212005-06-21 14:01Clone of mpg123, a commandline mp3 player
inpututils2005-06-20 13:58Utilities for the Linux input drivers
mozilla-bin2005-06-16 13:59Open source browser based on an older version of Netscape Communicator
tix2005-06-14 19:54Tk Interface eXtension
zgv2005-06-08 16:46svgalib-based graphics viewer
sophie2005-06-02 14:45A anti-virus daemon that uses libsavi from Sophos
rcs2005-05-10 15:44GNU Revision Control System
gmime2005-05-10 15:14Lib and utils for creating and parsing MIME messages
snort2005-04-06 14:41Open source network intrusion detection system
putty2005-04-06 11:02Free telnet and ssh for win32 and unix
gkrellm2005-04-06 10:34GTK-based process stack of system monitors
kaffeine2005-04-04 12:09Video player, xine front-end for KDE
glade2005-03-24 14:31User interface builder for GTK+ and GNOME
libgail-gnome2005-03-24 14:19Accessibility for Gnome via gail
shadow2005-03-22 16:10Shadow password suite
awstats2005-03-21 15:44Perl-based log file analyzer
muine2005-03-11 13:31Music player for Gnome
quickrip2005-03-08 10:22Python and PyQT based DVD ripper
ogle2005-03-08 10:21DVD player
lve2005-03-08 10:17Video editing
kleds2005-03-08 10:15Docs into the KDE panel to show status of keyboard leds
bitdefender2005-03-03 18:12Anti-virus scanner
alien2005-03-03 14:34Converts between rpm, deb, slp, and tgz distro package formats
ibmonitor2005-01-25 17:53Interactive Bandwidth Monitor
gnomemeeting2005-01-19 14:49An H.323 compatible videoconferencing application
gedit2005-01-12 14:44The official text editor of GNOME
ksymoops2005-01-12 10:16Utility to decode Linux kernel Oops
acidrip2005-01-11 15:06Gtk2::Perl app for ripping and encoding DVDs
hermes2005-01-10 11:48Graphics library
medusa2005-01-07 18:04Quickly search your system for particular types of files
gnet2005-01-05 14:55OO network library
proftpd2004-12-20 15:01ProFTPD - ftp server
jigdo2004-12-17 17:52Download manager for CD/DVD images
libwww2004-12-17 17:31C-based general-purpose web API from W3C
unarj2004-10-27 17:02Freeware arj un-archiver from Robert Jung (the author of ARJ)
realvnc2004-10-27 15:53Virtual Network Computing, this version from the original developers
ucd-snmp2004-10-14 16:07UCD Simple Network Management Protocol library and tools
ispell2004-10-13 15:58Spell checker
vlan2004-10-13 14:02802.1Q VLAN implementation for Linux
trophie2004-10-11 17:58Daemon that uses libvsapi from TrendMicro AntiVirus
xforms2004-10-08 16:07GUI toolkit based on Xlib
cistron2004-10-08 15:03An authentication and accounting server for terminal servers that speak the RADIUS protocol
gnome-vfs-extras2004-10-06 15:51Gnome virtual file system
syslinux2004-10-01 10:04Lightweight bootloaders for floppy, network, and CD booting
elvis2004-09-14 16:34Elvis is a clone of vi/ex, the standard UNIX editor
dhcpcd2004-09-14 15:31Dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) client daemon
nessus2004-07-22 13:51Remote security scanner
lha2004-05-21 13:53Uncompresses and compresses .lha packages
xloadimage2004-05-13 18:45Views images under X, load one to the root window, converts into another format
netcat2004-04-19 15:06Util that reads/writes across a tcp or udp connection
libzvt2004-04-09 13:56No idea what this is, the README is empty; gnome-python needs it
gal2004-03-26 17:40Gnome application library
gtkglarea2004-03-18 16:59OpenGL widget for GTK+
gtkglext2004-03-16 13:48OpenGL extension to GTK 2+
mutt2004-02-17 10:53E-mail client
intermezzo2004-01-22 17:02Replicating filesystem
ghex2003-12-30 00:14Binary file editor
mirror2003-11-25 16:39Perl based util to mirror two directories by FTP
gftp2003-11-14 13:37Text and GTK+ based multithreaded ftp client
xzgv2003-11-12 13:16Image viewer for X
gnome-games2003-10-21 11:04Games for Gnome
gdk-pixbuf2003-10-03 12:09Image library, replacement for imlib, used by lots of GTK-based programs
kismet2003-09-06 16:05Wireless network sniffer
sysklogd2003-07-30 14:33syslogd and klogd
smartsieve2003-07-30 12:27Web based GUI for creating and managing Sieve scripts
dcron2003-07-26 16:11Dillon's cron
minicom2003-07-25 16:36A unix telecomm program
bind9-ldap2003-04-11 13:50Domain Name System server, resolver library, and related tools
lids2002-08-26 16:31Linux Intrusion and Detection System
serial-console2001-09-24 10:53No description available

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